Engineering & Medicine Seminars — Solihull Sixth Form College

Engineering & Medicine Seminars

Science and Mathematics students at Solihull Sixth Form College are being encouraged to take part in a series of online seminars in January that focus on Engineering and Medicine.

The events, called ‘Engineering In Action’ and ‘Medicine in Action’, take place on 20th and 26th January respectively and are being offered by The Training Partnership at a small cost (£8 each).

The Engineering event takes place from 1.00pm – 3.45pm and involves three highly interactive sessions, covering civil, structural and mechanical engineering. Each session will include a Q&A session to quiz the engineers.

The seminar sessions will include ‘Recipe for a skyscraper’ by Structural Engineer Roma Agrawal, which will look at how bridges, buildings and tunnels are designed and built.  The second seminar entitled ‘Engineering in a spacesuit’ will be delivered by Dr Jackie Bell from Imperial College London. She will explore the challenges that engineers face to send astronauts into space.  The final seminar will focus on ‘Robotics and AI’ and be delivered by Dave Cliff, of the University of Bristol. He will explore the rate of progress in computer technology over the last 50 years and think of new approaches and inspiration we can draw from biology.

The Medical event takes place from 9.30am – 12:15pm and will see students benefiting from the expertise of medics from a wide range of specialities and at various stages in their careers. Students will discover the life of a doctor, uncover the incredible scientific and technological breakthroughs enabling transformation of healthcare and discuss the ethical and societal issues that the next generation of medics will encounter.

Seminar 1 is called ‘Seeing inside the brain – a surgeon’s eye view’ and will be delivered by Alex Alamri, a Neurosurgery trainee in London. This session will explore the latest technological advancements that allow brain surgeons to look inside the brain before, during and after complex and surgery. Seminar 2 is entitled ’24 minutes in A&E’ and will be delivered by Ed Hope, the Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow training medical students from Barts and The London and Anglia Ruskin in Chelmsford. The final seminar will come from Felicity Mehendale of the University of Edinburgh, who will explore Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in particular focus on the Cleft Lip and Palate Research Programme at The University of Edinburgh.