Drama Students’ Metamorphosis

Drama students at Solihull Sixth Form College have been performing extracts from “Metamorphosis” in the style of Steven Berkoff.

Year 12 students on the A level Drama course have been looking at Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”, which tells the tale of salesman Gregor Samsa, who inexplicably turns into a huge insect overnight. Steven Berkoff is famous for his adaptation of this play and the students had to employ many Berkovian techniques in their delivery of extracts from the play. This meant making good use of physical movement, costume and set to deliver a visually striking performance.

This is just one part of the A level Drama course, which sees students practically explore three plays from different genres and periods, performed in the style of a practitioner.

“The students have worked hard all term to put together excellent performances of Metamorphosis. They really got into the style of Berkoff, making excellent use of costume, make-up and set to bring their performances to life. Practical coursework forms 60% of their final A level grade, so this was an excellent opportunity for students to perform under assessed conditions ahead of doing it for real when they get into Year 13.”

Drama teacher Nadia Kouhi

28 June 2021