Dancers Showcase Talent

Dance ShowcaseDance students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull staged a Dance Showcase this week to show off their assessed A level choreography and performance pieces.

The first and second year students put on a show of 13 group dances, all in a contemporary style. Their work was inspired by a choice of stimuli set by the exam board. The stimuli this year were wide and diverse, including a mixed media piece ‘Waiting’ by conceptual artist Kathy Prendergast, an instrumental piece of electronic/Hip-Hop music composed by Sweatson Klank as well as the concepts of ‘space exploration’ and ‘a lost city’.

First year students also showcased a large ensemble performance which encompassed the contemporary techniques they have been learning this year in class to build their physical and technical skills; ‘fall and recovery’, ‘contract and release’ and ‘flying low’.

Ruth Jones, the Dance teacher at the College, said:

“Students have been working hard during class and in their own time rehearsing their choreographies. This is a new challenge for them as they are not allowed to dance in their own work; they have to be able to direct others, testing not only their creativity, but their organisation, time-management and leadership skills. This has been a brilliant opportunity for students to perform their pieces to friends and family to prepare them ahead of their examination in two weeks time.’’ 

The practical assessment, which incorporates both performance and choreography forms 50% of the marks in the A level Dance course. The rest is assessed by written exams, which focus on the inter-relationship between the creation, presentation and appreciation of dance.

22 March 2017