Dancers Inspired By Alvin Ailey

Dance students from The Sixth Form College, Solihull visited the Birmingham Hippodrome to see Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre perform their most famous and internationally renowned work ‘Revelations’ recently.

Alvin Ailey Theatre visit

‘Revelations’ was originally performed in 1960 and choreographed by the late Alvin Ailey. It was born out of Ailey’s memories of growing up in rural Texas. It explores themes from grief and slavery through to the celebration of freedom and religious joy and celebration.

Dance teacher Ruth Jones commented:

“Year 13 students study Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre as one of their main areas of study for their written exam, so it is fantastic they have been able to watch this iconic work live. They study the development of the company over time, as well as the historical context in which he was working, the contribution Ailey made to the black civil rights movement and his continued legacy.  They also have to perform a solo in the style of Alvin Ailey as part of their practical exam.”

The A level Dance course has a strong emphasis on performance and choreography, with students asked to devise their own dances and perform solos, as well as in quartets and other size groups.

18 October 2016