Criminology CSI Workshop

Criminology students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull got a taste of crime scene investigation recently, as a former forensic police officer visited the College to deliver a role-playing exercise.

Beth Joule, a former Forensic Operations Manager at the Lancashire Constabulary, delivered an interactive workshop to show students what crime scene investigation is really like and bust the myths created by television dramas. She is well placed to deliver such a session, having worked for the police since 1983, first with the Metropolitan Police and then with Lancashire Constabulary. She helped to create a ground-breaking Forensic Academy in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire.

During the workshop, students were presented with a crime scene, including a mannequin representing a dead body, a possible weapon and handprints in blood. It was the students’ task to analyse the scene and draw conclusions.

Criminology teacher Charlotte Simmonds commented:

“We are so grateful to Beth Joule for giving up her time to visit us. She is a real expert in her field and it was great for our students to draw on her experience and knowledge. The interactive nature of the workshop really brought forensics to life in a way that can’t usually be achieved in the classroom, so it will have aided the students’ learning immeasurably.”

The Criminology course is a two-year Level 3 Diploma, equivalent to one A level, which has been offered by the College since 2018.

13 June 2019