Computer Science in Action

Computer Science students at Solihull Sixth Form College took part in an online Computer Science in Action enrichment day recently.

Delivered by The Training Partnership, experts from academia and industry explored relevant topics in a series of online sessions. The aim was to complement the A level Computer Science curriculum and give students ideas about future careers.

Matthew Scroggs from the University of Cambridge delivered a session entitled ‘MENACE: the machine educable noughts and crosses engine’. He was followed by Jon Macey from the National Centre for Computer Animation, who talked about ‘Algorithms and Data Structures = Animation’. Jasmin Fisher from University College London explored ‘Fighting cancer with computers’, while Dave Cliff from the University of Bristol, who delivered a talk called ‘From Robot-Traders to Robinhood: Crazy Times for a Financial Engineer’. Robotics were explored by Amanda Prorok from Prorok Lab, whose session was entitled ‘Robots that work together’ and the day finished with a session on examination success.

Hussan Waheed, a Year 13 A level Computer Science student, commented:

“These were informative lectures on various topics; the fourth topic in particular was quite fascinating, as we learnt how the stock markets work and the impact Artificial Intelligence has had on the market.”

13 December 2021