Cambridge Trip for Physicists

11 Physics students from The Sixth Form College, Solihull travelled to Cambridge this term to visit Girton College and Cavandish Laboratories at the University of Cambridge.

The full-day trip saw the students taken on an extensive morning tour of Girton College and given an introduction to the Cambridge collegiate system, as well as information on what it is like to read Natural Sciences. Further detail was given on just how keen Cambridge are to take the most talented Natural Science undergraduates from any background and from state colleges and schools.

The afternoon was spent at the famous Cavendish Laboratories, where the likes of Rutherford (Discovery of the nucleus), Newton (Modern day Newtonian Mechanics), JJ Thomson (Discovery of the Electron) and Maxwell (Famous for his fundamental Electro Magnetism equations) performed their famous experiments. During this visit, the students used intricate experiments to study pendulums and problem-solving exercises with the authors of “Isaac Physics”, a textbook used by all students. Finally, they experienced a small lecture on Angular Momentum (Gyroscopes) and Circular Motion.

Physics teacher Rick Homer commented:

“These trips inspire the students to look beyond their time at College to future studies and professions. The inspiration these students will get from this experience raises their aspiration to aim for the highest universities. It also lifts the students around them whom also wish to look at Physics and Engineering degrees at universities that they never thought possible to study at.

“I was particularly delighted to take five girls on the trip. That’s almost 50% of those on the trip being girls, at a time when female involvement in Physics and Engineering is far lower. However, their performance in Physics so far this year merited their involvement.”

Amelia-Anne Carse (aged 17 from Hampton-in-Arden) is one current student hoping to take up a high profile place at Oxbridge. She hopes to get the grades needed to go to Oriel College, Oxford to study Engineering. She and two other students, who had Oxford interviews this year, will be talking to current Year 12 students about making an Oxbridge application after Easter. Current Year 12 student Zoe Mason is hoping to follow in Amelia’s footsteps and apply to study Engineering at Oxford.

More trips in Physics are planned this year, including to the University of Oxford and to CERN in Switzerland (home of the Large Hadron Collider). Visiting speakers from Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover will also be coming into College to talk about the myriad of opportunities in industry with the right qualifications and choice of degrees.

9 April 2019