Budding Doctors at Leicester

Budding doctors from The Sixth Form College, Solihull visited the University of Leicester last month to boost their career ambitions.

A level students on the College’s Pre-Medical School visited the university their Applying for Medicine Conference. The event gave our students lots of useful advice on what they should be doing to maximise their chances of getting offers to study Medicine at university.

Undergraduate Medical students at Leicester led the activities, offering advice on what students need to do when applying for Medicine courses at university and what the courses entail. As well as a tour of the university, students also took part in a Medical Ethics debate and an interactive clinical skills workshop, which enabled them to get some hands-on diagnostic experience.

Assistant Principal Trevor Irving commented:

“We have a great working relationship with the University of Leicester and we thank them for the hospitality at this event. It was a really useful exercise for our students to talk to existing undergraduate students and find out what lies ahead for them if they decide to pursue this most ambitious and demanding of professions.”

The work with the University of Leicester is just one of the ways Pre-Medical School students get a taste of life at university. There are also events with the University of Liverpool and Keele University, all aimed at giving our would-be medics the best chance of pursuing their career ambitions.

As well as the Pre-Medical School, the College offers other specialist career-based enrichments and boasts many links with HE institutions. This includes a Psychology Research School, an Engineering Academy and specialist academies in Humanities and Social Sciences. These academies are all aimed at ensuring our students have the best possible chance to getting offers from some of the most prestigious and highly-sought-after universities in the country.

11 May 2018