British Museum Visit

Humanities students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull enjoyed a host of ancient artefacts last week thanks to a visit to the British Museum.

British Museum visit

A level Ancient History and Classical Civilisation students visited the British Museum in London to study the wonderful marble sculptures from the Parthenon and the Greek, Roman & Celtic life rooms.

Gaynor Phillips, teacher of Ancient History and Classical Civilisation at the College, commented:

“As part of the day, students were involved in a workshop which included on the job experience as curators, delivering short presentations about the Parthenon sculptures to an audience. Students even got up close and posed as sculptures for the cameras! The students said it was good fun and the visit related directly to their studies. The curator of the museum was impressed by the enthusiasm and skill of our students and has welcomed them back.”

A level Ancient History is an opportunity to study the Romans and the Greeks through their philosophy, democracy and the arts, while A level Classical Civilisation examines both Greek and Roman cultures through their mythology, literature, drama, and art, as well as a little history and archaeology. Further information about these courses.

27 March 2017