Brainstorming the Teenage Mind

BrainstormBudding young actors at The Sixth Form College, Solihull entertained friends, family and prospective students with a play about being a teenager last week.

“Brainstorm” was the title of a 45-minute production put together by students who participate in the College’s Theatre-in-Education enrichment. This activity focuses on putting on shows to take out to schools or show to visiting students from other schools.

The production was about the teenage brain and the consequences of this on our lives and relationships during puberty. It contained 70% of scripted material based on the students’ improvisations and past experiences and the rest the work of the National Theatre. It was funny, a bit mad and poignant in places and used projections, music and dance, ensemble work, direct address and audience participation.

The actors included Leo McCall, Joe Moss, Sophie Reynolds, Ameer Sohail and Nathaniel O’Shea, with Noor Ul Huda and Simran Kaur operating lighting, projection and sound.

Drama teacher and Assistant Curriculum Leader Diane Dodd commented:

“The students were fantastic in putting this production together. They really took ownership of it and that has resulted in a highly relevant and hugely entertaining piece of theatre. I’m proud of the work they have done and delighted with the feedback we had from visiting students, who gave it rave reviews.”

24 June 2019