BCU Criminology Homicide Lecture

Criminology students at The Sixth Form College, Solihull benefitted from one of a series of lectures from Birmingham City University this week.

BCU Criminology lecture at Solihull Sixth Form College

Professor Liz Yardley, a Criminology lecture from BCU, visited the College for the second time this academic year. Following a presentation about hate crime before Christmas, Professor Yardley returned to give a lecture entitled ‘What makes a murderer’. Her presentation linked directly to the students’ Criminological theories unit, which was an extension of the biological, psychological and sociological reasons why someone commits murder. She used case studies concerning Adam Lanza, the young man responsible for the Sandy Hook School shooting in America, and Richard Kuklinksi, a former Mafia hitman.

Criminology teacher Charlotte Simmonds said:

“Professor Yardley received the classwork that our students have been working through before her visit and she was good enough to align her lecture so that it developed the prior knowledge the students have. It was fascinating to hear what she had to say and the students all really enjoyed it.”

Social Sciences Curriculum Leader Malcolm Turvey added:

“We are so grateful to Birmingham City University for their continued support of the Social Sciences department. This is the second time that Professor Yardley has been to visit this year and her colleague Professor Awan has also been into College. This insight into undergraduate level study will stand our students in very good stead.”

As well as Criminology, the College offers Social Science A levels in Economics, Politics and Sociology. Further information about these courses is available on the College website at www.solihullsfc.ac.uk. Prospective students wanting to learn more are encouraged to sign up for a Spring Talk & Tour on Thursday 28 February or Tuesday 5 March. Pre-registration for these events (which both take place between 5.00 – 7.00pm) is available at www.solihullsfc.ac.uk/spring-tours.

15 February 2019