Autism and Coronavirus

During the penultimate week of the 2019/20 academic year, one student at Solihull Sixth Form College shared his experiences of managing lockdown as a person with autism. Ben Clarke delivered a presentation on this subject to staff and fellow students at the start of July. We recorded the presentation and you can view it below.

Ben explains that while the Coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for everyone, it has created unique challenges for him because of his autism. He talks frankly about how it made him feel and the tactics he used to cope during this time. He also spoke about his time at College. He has just finished two years of study on our CACHE Childcare & Education course.

Ben has been an excellent student throughout his time at the College. He won awards at the end of both his first and second year of study and was a diligent student on his course as well. Teachers and our Student Development Team, in particular, have seen how Ben has grown and developed during his time at College, going from a shy young man to a student confident enough to deliver presentations in person and online. Staff at the College are incredibly proud of all that Ben has achieved.

We wish Ben the best for the future.