Aberystwyth Keats Lecture

Professor Richard Marggraf TurleyEnglish Literature students at Solihull Sixth Form College explored the life and works of John Keats last week, with the assistance of a professor from Aberystwyth University.

Professor Richard Marggraf Turley came into College to deliver his Keats lecture to A level English Literature students. The presentation explored how Keats was received during his lifetime and students learnt that critical success came long after his death. Comparisons with fellow poet Barry Cornwall, who received far more critical acclaim than Keats at the time, were also explored.

Students learnt about Keats’ medical background and considered the context of the Napoleonic wars and this significantly influenced his poetry. The students explored this by looking at two of Keats’ poems – Le Belle Dame sans Merci and Isabella or the Pot of Basil.

Assistant Curriculum Leader Andrew Jackson commented:

“We are so grateful to Professor Marggraf Turley for giving up his time to talk to our students. Keats is a significant part of the Aspects of Tragedy exam paper and Le Belle Dame sans Merci and Isabella or the Pot of Basil are among two of the text the students explore. This lecture got the students thinking about different interpretations of these classic texts, which will aid them in their examinations.”

As well as English Literature, the College offers an A level in English Language and students also have the opportunity to join the English Academy. This is an enrichment that stretches students further and is ideal for those students considering additional English study at university.

26 November 2019