40 Years Dedicated Service

Maggie Allwood with Mark Peasland and Martin SullivanThe Sixth Form College, Solihull is recognising 40 years service from a member of our catering staff this term.

Staff and students have long valued Maggie Allwood for her infectious smile and dedicated service. Maggie started work at the College in 1979 as a cleaner, and in 1992 moved to work in the Refectory. She is well known and respected throughout the College, is dedicated to her job and has a great sense of humour!

Today she was recognised for that service by Principal Martin Sullivan and Catering Manager Mark Peasland.

Principal Martin Sullivan commented:

“Everyone loves Maggie. She was given a special award in recognition of her long service at our Awards Evening a couple of years ago and the students cheered when she went up to pick up her prize. That speaks volumes of the high regard with which she is held by staff and students alike. Our Refectory would not be the same place without her and we are grateful for her dedication and cheery demeanour.”

25 September 2018