IT Systems

This section focuses on all aspects of IT at College, from the IT equipment College provides to your responsibilities when using your own IT equipment. It also encompasses e-safety and use of social networking.

Introduction to Online Services

As a student at this College, you will receive an induction into the College’s IT services at the start of the year. Visit the Hub to see a list of the IT services currently available to you from home or within College. Three of the online services you will regularly use are as follows:

Tyber – This is an online platform linked to the College’s information database. As such, your student record can be accessed via Tyber, detailing not only what you are studying and your timetable, but information on attendance, achievements, reviews and targets. Tyber also has a messaging system so you can contact teachers and they can contact you. You will see your exam timetable and get your exam results via Tyber too.

Office 365 – This provides email, online storage and other online Microsoft applications.

Moodle – This is the College’s virtual learning environment. Teachers put many study aids up on Moodle, which you can access both in lessons and from home to assist your learning.

Introduction to Tyber

Tyber is unique to Solihull Sixth Form College – our Web Developers built it to enable easy sharing of information. Below are the main features of this service:

Personal details – These are your details, provided when you applied. If any contact information changes, it is important you let our MIS Office know (located by Main Reception). You can edit your personal data and add additional contacts.

Timetable – You can check what classes you have, when they are, what room they are in, and who your teacher is, at any time.

Targets – You will set targets with your teachers and academic coach and you can see these at any time. You can also set yourself targets to help you address what is needed to help you achieve success. Reflective learners focus on what is required to maximise success.

Checkpoints – Your teachers will monitor your progress at certain times of the year, based on effort, performance and attendance.

Student Record – Staff can add to this section, adding in achievements and concerns, notes and coaching logs. It is a chronological list of your time at College with the newest information at the top. You should aim to work hard, hand in your work on time and expect to see achievements added to this list.

Messages – You can send messages to any member of staff and receive messages from staff. It is not like email, so you will not receive an external notification that you have a new message, but a red number will appear against the Messages tab if you have unread messages. It is your responsibility to check Tyber regularly and respond if required. Staff can see if you have read a message or not.

Appointments – This section appears when you have a formal appointment with a member of staff.

Attendance – Teachers will take a register at the start of every lesson and mark it in Tyber. This section will show your attendance and whether you were late or not. Poor attendance will result in disciplinary action, unless there is good reason.

Absence – This section is where you can report an absence if you are off sick or absent for any other reason. You will be required to give a reason for absence. “Illness” is not considered sufficient detail.

To see a demo of how Tyber works see the Video on YouTube.

Introduction to Moodle

Moodle is our virtual learning resource. You enrol onto the courses you are studying in order to access learning resources that will aid your studies. Your teachers will explain this to you when you start your studies.

There are also many extra-curricular sections to Moodle and these are detailed below:

  • Coaching
  • Careers
  • Exams
  • Additional Learning
  • Learning Resource Centre
  • Bursary and Free Meals
  • Wellbeing
  • Counselling
  • Student Handbook (All the information in this handbook is on Moodle too!)
  • Student Council

Please make use of this information. There are so many ways that the College can assist you during your time at College, supporting you with your studies, helping your progression onto university, training or employment, and offering pastoral support. However, you need to make the first move – see what support is available and if you need help, ask for it!


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