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IT Systems

Introduction to Online Services

As a student at this College, you will receive an induction into the College’s IT services at the start of the year. Visit the Hub to see a list of the IT services currently available to you from home or within College. Some of the online services you will regularly use are as follows:

Office 365 – This provides email (used for contact with your teachers), a calendar which syncs with your timetable, online storage and online Microsoft applications.

Microsoft Teams – You will belong to a ‘Team’ for each of the classes you are enrolled onto. This provides a collaborative area to share resources, access set assignments, submit assignments and access remote provision if required.

Arbor – This is an online platform linked to the College’s information database. As such, your student record can be accessed via Arbor, detailing not only what you are studying and your timetable, but information on attendance and achievements.

Moodle – This is the College’s virtual learning environment. Teachers put many studies aids on Moodle, which you can access both in lessons and from home to assist your learning.

Introduction to Moodle

On Moodle you can enrol onto the courses you are studying in order to access learning resources that will aid your studies. Your teachers will explain this to you when you start your studies.

There are also many extra-curricular sections to Moodle and these are detailed below:

  • Coaching
  • Careers
  • Exams
  • Additional Learning
  • Learning Resource Centre
  • Bursary and Free Meals
  • Wellbeing
  • Counselling
  • Student Handbook (All the information in this handbook is on Moodle too!)
  • Student Council

Please make use of this information. There are so many ways that the College can assist you during your time at College, supporting you with your studies, helping your progression onto university, training or employment, and offering pastoral support.


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