Thinking of raising money for charitable causes at College? 

The College is committed to supporting students who have the enthusiasm and social responsibility to

raise money for charities and good causes. In order to help you do this we have drawn up the following guidelines:

  1. Any student who is interested in organising a collection or an event in College (cake sale, raffle etc.) should first of all speak to one of the Staff Development Officers or to Oona Stone, Assistant Principal with responsibility for Student Engagement and gain approval. A tracker of all student fundraising events is kept by the Student Development Officers.
  2. We do not want to put students off from raising money for charities – they do really important work, helping those in the greatest need – but be vigilant and take sensible steps to make sure you are giving safely. The Charity Commission provides advice to the public on its website about giving safely: All students must adhere to the College’s Fundraising & Giving Safely Guidelines.
  3. To gain approval for your fundraising activity, we will want to know that you are raising money for a registered charity. The Charity Commission also holds a register on their website so you can check this out:
  4. Organisers should also speak to the Student Council, they may be willing to help.
  5. Students will be allocated a link member of staff to liaise with regarding the organisation of the event. Depending on the complexity of the event, a risk assessment may be required.
  6. The Marketing Officer, Bev Bishop, should be contacted once approval is granted. Bev is always happy to help with publicising the event, taking photographs and drafting press releases.
  7. All monies raised should be counted and banked in the finance office by the student organiser and the lead member of staff and the Finance Office is happy to raise a cheque for the chosen charities.

Every year a summary of student fundraising will be displayed in the College refectory for all to see.


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