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How are the new A levels different, and how is the College going to make sure we do well?

The biggest difference with the new A levels is in how they are assessed. There is very little coursework, and all the exams are taken at the end of the two years. The content of each new A level has been fully revised and is more stretching, sometimes including more demanding maths content, and often requiring longer more sustained pieces of writing. There are more chances to explore topics in depth and to use creative approaches to study. In all subjects, the exams require you to put together what you have learnt from across the whole two years of the course and make links between things in your final exams. The College is investing in more teaching time and individual support to ensure that you are properly prepared for these new approaches, and we will give you plenty of practice in developing the essential examination skills required to secure good grades. We are confident that by concentrating on developing your expertise in three subjects right from the start, we can make sure that you get the grades you need for an exciting future career.