Career Passport

The Career Passport is an exciting initiative that helps you in your progression onto university, employment or other training opportunities by helping to develop the skills that you will need. The best candidates for any post or job are able to demonstrate a range of skills and experiences and so we strongly encourage you to undertake a range of Professional Development Activities during your time at College. This may be in the form of part-time employment, volunteering, work experience or internships.

Career Passport

You can strive for three levels of achievement for the Career Passport:
Bronze Award – by completing 35 hours of Professional Development Activities.
Silver Award – by completing 70 hours of Professional Development Activities.
Gold Award – by completing 100 hours of Professional Development Activities.

Our Career Readiness Co-ordinator and Academic Coaches will guide, support and encourage you to undertake Professional Development Activities and achieve your Career Passport.

Many of our students have already benefited from the scheme, including completing internships, which will significantly boost their career prospects. Here’s what some of those students had to say about their internships:

Leela Doherty did an internship at Birmingham Opera Company
“I found working at Birmingham Opera Company quite fun. It gave me confidence in meeting and interacting with new people and helped me with my social and speaking skills. Thank you to Birmingham Opera Company for giving me this once in a lifetime and unique experience.”

Rahul Jina visited Birmingham Open Media with Career Passport
“The visit broadened my knowledge of the visual arts industry and it was a great help to talk to real artists and learn a bit about their journey. The most useful piece of information that I learnt during my visit, was that a career in the visual arts industry is not a straight path, such as just completing your degree and being landed a job. There is a lot that you can do to build up your experience and portfolio.”


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