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Why study Sociology?


  • You enjoy finding out about people and society – past, present and future.
  • You enjoy discussing and exploring key contemporary issues such as why does religion seem to encourage conflict? What could be the possible explanations for increased gang violence in London? Is social media making childhood toxic? Why are boys now the underachievers in education?
  • Sociology is an analytical subject that enables you to develop critical skills. It teaches you to question and evaluate – these are key skills that employers look for.
  • You want to study an A level subject that is interesting and relevant to your life. You will take away from Sociology a completely different way of thinking about the world and you will begin to question things you have always taken for granted.
  • Sociology is a well-regarded academic subject and can help open the door for you at the top universities in the UK.
Why study Sociology at Solihull Sixth Form College?
  • You will be taught by very experienced specialist sociologists, who have been examiners for AQA, your exam board, for many years and who have an impressive track record of results.
  • Learners will have the opportunity to attend a variety of courses and conferences during their two years of Advanced level study.
  • We use a wide variety of teaching methods – lectures, discussions, student presentations, role-play, video material and study packs. Learners should be prepared to read widely around the subject and to undertake independent study using newspapers, journals, television and radio.
Course Outline

PAPER 1 – COMPULSORY – Education with Theory and Methods Education:
• the relationships between class, gender and ethnicity and educational achievement.
• recent reforms to the educational system.
Theory and Methods:
• the nature of sociological thought.
• the methods of social enquiry.

PAPER 2 – options selected by the College
Families and Households:
• the different family structures over time and place and current trends regarding marriage and divorce.
• demography.
• childhood and relationships between family members.
Beliefs in Society:
• critical awareness of contemporary social processes.
• the study of beliefs in society, why some societies are clerical and others secular.
• the extent to which religion can act as both a conservative force and as an agent of social change.

PAPER 3 – COMPULSORY – Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods
Crime and Deviance – This option focuses on debates in contemporary society through a detailed study of crime and deviance. The social construction of crime and deviance are considered and the ways in which crime is socially distributed, explained and reduced.
Theory and Methods – the nature of sociological thought, the methods of social enquiry.


No Coursework
Examination (100%)
Examining Board – AQA.

Special Entry Requirements

None, although essay writing skills are important. Standard A level entry requirements apply.

Prohibited Options


What do our learners go on to do?

The independent study skills learnt in Sociology are an excellent preparation for University. Sociologists go on to work in the media, law and other institutions of criminal justice, public relations, market research, medicine and social work, foreign aid and development and teaching. Many, of course, are inspired to stay in an academic environment researching aspects of sociology for the remainder of their career.

Cost Implications

There are no cost implications.

Complementary Subjects or Enrichment Courses

A level Sociology goes well with most subject combinations and you may find that skills learnt in Sociology can support you in other subject areas. Sociology works especially well as a complement to other essay writing subjects such as History, Geography, Business Studies and Psychology. It is also considered to be an attractive option alongside science based subjects. In addition, learners taking Health and Social Care may find elements of this course useful. This course enjoys strong links with Birmingham City University and learners can benefit from visits and lectures by joining the Social Science Academy.

This information is correct for September 2024 entry.

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