Rarely does a day go by without some reference to a business in the local, national or international context. Businesses can shape the world we live in both positively and negatively. Some businesses are iconic and have become part of our daily vocabulary. For example, we “google” things to search for items on the internet or ascertain meanings.

This course will enable students to:
• Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to analyse data
• Think critically about issues
• Make informed decisions
• Study key contemporary developments such as digital technology, business ethics and globalisation through a range of topics.

Course Outline

This is a two year Advanced Level course that looks at business in a variety of contexts such as large/small, UK focused/global and service/manufacturing. In these contexts students will consider:
• The importance of decision making.
• How business activities are interrelated and how they affect competitiveness.
• The markets in which businesses operate.
• How functional decisions and plans (e.g. a marketing campaign), are influenced by ethical and environmental issues.
• Factors determining whether a decision is likely to be successful e.g. the quality of data.
• How technology is changing the way businesses operate and compete.
• The impact on stakeholders and their reaction to functional decisions.
• The use of non-quantitative and quantitative data in decision making including index numbers, ratios and percentages.


No coursework
Examination (100%) There will be three 2 hour written examinations each worth 100 marks.
• Paper 1 comprises multiple choice questions, short answer questions and a choice of essays.
• Paper 2 has three compulsory data response questions, each with three or four part questions.
• Paper 3 includes a case study followed by approximately six questions.
Examining Board – AQA.

Special Entry Requirements

You will need to produce extended written answers so your standard of English is important. If GCSE Business has been taken then students must achieve a minimum of grade 4. In addition, the College’s standard A level entry requirements apply.

Prohibited Options

None. Business combines well with many subjects.

Career and Progression Opportunities

The majority of students on this course progress to university. Past students have gone onto courses like Business Management, Human Resources, Law and Accountancy or courses with another related subject e.g. Business and IT. Sponsored degree programmes and Higher Apprenticeships are also an option and are highly valued by employers. These including places on the prestigious KPMG 360 Accounting programme and the PwC Flying Start programme, both of which include sponsored places at university.

Teaching Methods

Using the internet, newspapers, magazines, television programmes and video clips all help to bring the subject alive by using topical material to illustrate key concepts. In addition to these opportunities, a variety of classroom strategies for learning are used alongside teacher-led subject teaching, such as group work, presentations and independent study.

Links to External Organisations

The department has links with local companies that help us to bring key areas of the course specification to life. Additionally, Business has links with local universities including Aston who support a range of events and activities including Masterclasses to support Business students.

Other Information

Business combines well with most social science courses and complements Information Technology. Students can also study Business with Economics or Law. Science and Maths students also like to combine these subjects with Business to give some variety to their programmes.

This information is correct for September 2019 entry.

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