College Awards 2021/22 — Solihull Sixth Form College

College Awards 2021/22

Every year we hand out awards in all our courses, as well as extra curricular prizes. The 2022 Awards ceremony was held at the Core Theatre in Solihull. Here is a list of all the winners and the reasons they were given awards.

Subject Awards:

Accounting – Haniah Ahmed

A role model for all learners to emulate, Haniah has consistently worked hard throughout the year and achieved top grades. She performed exceptionally well during the open evenings and she takes pride in her work.

BTEC Extended Certificate Applied Science – Sanjit Bhogal (right)

Sanjit has progressed into an excellent scientist, who has striven to achieve her full potential in all aspects of the course. She proves to be a role model to the rest of her peers, demonstrating exceptional organisational skills and resilience.

BTEC National Diploma Applied Science – Safiyah Lutfi

Safiyah has demonstrated consistent hard work, with a cheerful, inquisitive demeanour and an excellent attitude to learning in BTEC Applied Science.

BTEC Extended Diploma Applied Science – Amaar Butt (left)

Amar is a very diligent student, who produces work of the highest quality. He has consistently achieved a distinction and the quality of his coursework is outstanding. He achieved the highest Distinction grade in his group, which is a credit to the amount of independent work he put into his exam practice and mark scheme analysis.

Art & Design (Fine Art) – Marim Abohendia (right)

Marim produced an outstanding body of work for Fine Art. She has been committed and determined throughout, impressing everyone with the exhibition standard quality of her work.

Art & Design (Graphics) – Keeleyanne Hall (left)

Keeleyanne has had a very successful year and developed a wide range of skills in CAD design and 3D modelmaking. She has worked consistently hard and applied all feedback to her work, resulting in an outstanding architecture project.

Art & Design (Photography) – Nadia-Ayana Ehsan (right)

Nadia has developed her photography and design skills incredibly well throughout the course and has produced an outstanding fashion photography project. Her work is at an exceptionally professional standard and she has been an asset to the class.

BTEC Art & Design – Chelsea Mildenhall (left)

Chelsea has grown throughout the course, both personally and creatively. She has become an exceptional practitioner and can lend her hand to all aspects of Art & Design. She has been a asset to her cohort and has made the most of every opportunity given to her.

Biology – Emily Fearn (right)

Emily has been an exceptional student in Biology throughout the two years. Her work has been of a consistently high quality and she showed an excellent attitude throughout the lockdown lessons.

Business – Amber Ali

From the outset, Amber has gone above and beyond. In the classroom, she is focused, resilient and always eager to improve. During lockdown, she produced a study guide for her peers that is now used by all Business students. She is an outstanding student, who has added value to many!

BTEC Extended Diploma Business – Misha Tauqeer (left)

Misha is a positive role model, with a strong work ethic that is evidenced by her work. She has consistently worked hard throughout the year, achieving top grades and she takes pride in her work.

Chemistry – Katie Janes

Katie has consistently performed at an outstanding level. Having completed probably every A level Chemistry question in all of written history, she has developed a thorough knowledge of the subject that will stand her in a strong position from which to launch into her career in Medicine.

John Sleigh Award – Nabeel Awan

Nabeel has developed his study skills greatly during his time at College. This has been rewarded with impressive improvement in Chemistry. He is hardworking and he has shown a genuine interest in the subject.

CACHE Childcare – Sophie Kent (right)

Sophie has worked so hard over the duration of the course despite facing personal challenges. On placement, Sophie has worked responsibly and autonomously to support academic and pastoral outcomes for all children. At college, Sophie has communicated well and had the confidence to ask for support when she has needed it. She has consistently submitted outstanding work and has achieved A*s throughout the 2 year course. We are immensely proud of how Sophie has not only coped but also exceeded expectations.

Computer Science – Sean Creighan (left)

Sean has not only demonstrated excellent academic performance in the subject during his two years here, but has also gone above and beyond to support the department and his fellow students. He took part in Open Day, where he was excellent in promoting the subject to prospective students. He also took a leading role in programming support workshops, in which he supported both his fellow Year 13 students with their project coding and also the Year 12’s in developing their programming skills.

BTEC National Diploma Creative Digital Media – William Ketley (right)

William has demonstrated resilience, perseverance and a positive attitude. He is showing an interest in all aspects of media and furthering his skills by supporting cross-college initiatives. He assisted in taking photographs during Culture Week and will be helping the Student Development team in future projects.

Criminology – Umaya Munasif

Umaya has overcome sometimes debilitating health conditions to continue to progress and succeed in Criminology.

Drama – Lorena Marcu (left)

Lorena is a captivating and authentic performer in Drama. Her confidence has grown immensely over the two years, with her final scripted performance beautifully capturing a complex and comedic character.

Economics – Amber Ali

Amber is an enthusiastic and motivated student, whose insight in Economics was used during numerous classroom discussions with her contributions valued by her teacher and peers. This was also highlighted during open days where Amber’s enthusiasm contributed to prospective students (mainly female and high ability) changing their mind and choosing Economics.

English Language – Renee Williams (right)

Renee is an outstanding English Language student, who has demonstrated unwavering commitment to her studies. She is always engaged and motivated and has grown in confidence over her time at College. She is a reflective and curious learner who has consistently striven for excellence – an exemplary approach to learning.

English Literature – Kate Holmes (left)

Kate is an exceptional English Literature student. Literature is the passion of her academic life and she has shown her true commitment to the subject through her hard work and her contributions to the wider life of the department. She was outstanding as a Literature ambassador on the Open Days, has started up a Book Club for students because of her love of reading and has done excellent work as a student mentor.

GCSE English – Salmo Mohamed

Salmo has worked with real diligence and commitment to achieve an excellent GCSE result this year.

Film Studies – Thomas Ellis (right)

Tom’s intelligent contributions in Film lessons have been appreciated by the whole class. He has produced work of a consistently high standard throughout the course and has been a pleasure to teach.

French – Luke Rowbottom

Luke has been a model student of French in every way, demonstrating outstanding effort in all aspects of the course. He now speaks French fluently, with an authentic accent and his written work is thoughtful, analytical and accurate.  He is supportive of other students on the course and has been a real asset to the Modern Languages department.

Further Maths – Suweda Abdirahman (left)

An outstanding student of Further Maths, Suweda has impressed all her Mathematics teachers with her dedication and sheer determination to succeed. Her meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of the subject make her a great mathematician, and she is very subtle and kind when she lets you know you’ve got something wrong.

Geography – Alfie Rochelle-Smith

Throughout his time at college, Alfie made outstanding progress in Geography and demonstrated flair and determination throughout the course. He was an ambassador for the subject during Open Day events, and has consistently shown resilience, always aiming to do his best work. He is curious and always strives to understand the complexity of Geography through independent research and reading.

Geology – Dawid Nehrenberg (right)

Dawid thoroughly deserves this award for his commitment to Geology and his determined, independent and enthusiastic approach to learning. Always keen to develop his knowledge with research and reading beyond the A Level, Dawid has taken full advantage of every opportunity to excel in Geology and to understand the natural world.

German – Esha Ali

Esha has made excellent progress and shown real commitment to her German studies throughout her time at College. Her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds as she realised she actually understood the complexities of this difficult language and could use it to great effect in her essays and when talking about her chosen oral topic on German youth culture in the 1980s. It was great that Esha could finally go to Germany during Year 13 and see how far her German skills had come along from being learnt in the classroom to being used in the real world.

BTEC Extended Certificate Health & Social Care – Alicia Luong

Alicia has shown commitment and outstanding work for both Year 12 and 13 and has always managed to attend and submit all assignments on time to an outstanding standard. She has also been a great support to her peers.

BTEC National Diploma Health & Social Care – Ikra Alam

Ikra has achieved good grades in both exams and assignments and she has completed a successful placement. She has also shown resilience in challenging times.

BTEC Extended Diploma Health & Social Care – Jorja Lloyd

Jorja has shown resilience and commitment and has overcome all personal barriers to constantly achieve high grades in both assignments and exams.

History – Dean Bridgewater (left)

Dean is an outstanding role model student, who has worked with enthusiasm and academic rigour throughout the course. He has maintained a very strong work ethic and demonstrated a genuine desire to flourish. Dean has a wide spectrum of skills and has worked extremely hard to ensure he can produce high quality work and make engaging contributions to all lessons. He is curious and demanding of himself.

BTEC Extended Certificate IT – Amber Ali

A diligent student, Amber is hardworking and works well independently, with enthusiasm for learning. This is reflected in her effort to do things well.

BTEC Extended Diploma IT – Cyrus Zaydan

Cyrus has worked consistently across the two years. He has had a clear vision to achieve highly and has had good, clear systems in place to help him achieve this. His effort has been outstanding throughout the years and he has always had a positive attitude.

Law – Umaya Munasif

Despite challenges, Umaya has shown real determination to understand the key concepts of law and learn the structures, seeking advice and feedback as appropriate. As a result, her grades have increased significantly throughout the year.

Mathematics – Marcin Szponarski (right)

Marcin is a talented student of Mathematics, whose enthusiasm for the subject is more than clear. He makes insightful connections, asks probing questions and can be relied on to support his peers inside and outside of the classroom. Marcin has a staunch commitment to the course and has enjoyed every step of progress towards being an excellent young mathematician. We are confident that he will excel when he undertakes Mathematics at university.

GCSE Maths – Jessica Rogers (left)

Jessica has been a determined and committed student this year and this has been evident in her key assessments. Through consistent practice and effort, she has improved the quality of her Mathematics enormously over the course of the year and it is in this aspect that she stands out within the group.

Core Maths – Megan Taylor (right)

Megan has adopted a conscientious approach towards Core Mathematics. She has been an inspiration to the rest of the group and enjoys supporting her peers. Megan has shown a positive attitude and strong commitment throughout the year and should achieve highly in the final examination.

Media Studies – Inayah Nujhat Chowdhury (left)

Inayah’s work ethic has been very impressive throughout the course. In particular, she worked extremely conscientiously on her coursework and has produced an excellent music video. She has been a pleasure to teach.

Music – Will Fraser (right)

An accomplished pianist, composer and musicologist, Will has shown extraordinary discipline for this subject. His breadth of knowledge, coupled with his curiosity for musical creativity and understanding, is unyielding. Will brings a strength and standing to Music that inspires others around him. From his love of the French Impressionist composers, to creating beats, Will brings the whimsical to his work – he enchants rather than states, empathises rather than opinionates.

Philosophy – Will Fraser

Will has demonstrated outstanding commitment, determination and passion for philosophy throughout the course. He has a strong work ethic and his philosophical writing has been of a consistently high quality. He has flourished as a philosopher during his time at the College.

Physical Education – Ben Hastings

Ben is a very motivated and conscientious student. This is particularly evident in the way he works independently, performing consistently highly in all assessments over his two years on the course.

Physics – Laaiqah Arif

Laaiqah has been a diligent and motivated student in Physics. She has an excellent attitude to her studies and has developed over the two years into a mature student with excellent learning behaviours.

Politics – Muram Almakki

Muram’s enthusiasm and commitment to success in Politics has consistently enriched the class. Whether in person, or remotely, her insights and explanations have supported her colleagues’ understanding. She exemplifies what can be achieved with a positive mindset and hard work. Muram continually strives to improve and is one of the first to identify and complete repairs on A* assessed work. Her enthusiasm and expertise in Politics is always a welcome contribution at College open events.

Psychology – Mia Norton (left)

Mia has demonstrated determination in persevering through difficult topics in Psychology despite challenges faced. She is a charming student, who will thrive from the challenges of Psychology at degree level.

Psychology – Qasim Khan

Qasim has been an outstanding Psychology student. He is dedicated, hardworking and self-motivated. He puts 100% effort in all that he does and strives to always improve. He uses class feedback to ensure his next piece of work is better than the last. Qasim is also a huge support to his peers, offering support and clarification when needed. Qasim is off to university to do a Medicine degree. He will be a fantastic doctor and we wish him all the very best for his future.

Religious Studies – Muram Almakki

During her time at college, Muram has demonstrated a sustained commitment and enthusiasm for Religious Studies. Her participations in class discussions have always been articulate, thoughtful and well informed. She has consistently produced written work of an excellent quality, reflecting her high level of motivation throughout the course.

Russian – Jenna Harrison (right)

A complete beginner in Russian, Jenna has been an exemplary student. She quickly grasped the Cyrillic alphabet, despite having to learn some of it via Teams during the pandemic and now produces written work of a high standard. Her speaking skills in Russian have really developed as well, as demonstrated by her oral exam in which she was able to discuss space and the role of Yuri Gagarin!

Sociology – Dillon Rathor (left)

Dillon always gives Sociology at least 110%. His enthusiasm and focus inside and outside the classroom contributes to Dillon consistently exceeding his target grades, achieving A* in his Year 12 and Year 13 assessments.

Spanish – Maximilian Courage (right)

Max is a most dedicated and committed student. He has demonstrated great determination and enthusiasm for the Spanish language, as well as Hispanic culture and society. After spending a week in Spain, his confidence, fluency and pronunciation grew and he now displays a very authentic accent. His written work is outstanding and he composes excellent critical and analytical essays. His extensive research on the Spanish film ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ has been exemplary and Max has worked with much focus throughout the two years. He is always willing to assist other students and is an absolute pleasure to have in class.

BTEC Sport – Ollie Bailey (left)

Ollie has consistently demonstrated determination and hard work, as well as high grade achievement.

Statistics – Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj is an extremely diligent and able Statistician. He has performed consistently well across the two years, with excellent attainment. Yuvraj makes insightful analysis of problems tackled in Statistics with great accuracy and inference. He is determined and motivated in studies, though humble in nature.

Extra-Curricular Awards:

Ambassador to the Future – Janvie (Joy) Miah (right)

Joy has led the Student Council through one of the most challenging times at the College, as we dealt COVID. She has articulated the students’ concerns and held the College Leadership to account, which has led to several adaptations to its policies and practices.

Ambassador to the Future – Imaan Adeel Riaz (left)

Imaan has been instrumental in raising money this year for a wide variety of causes, as well as raising awareness of a host of charities and important information that students need to know. She has been an excellent member of the Student Council and has supported the students in the College during COVID. She is destined to go far in the future and will be a worthy Ambassador.

Student Council – Safa Kauser

With excellent endeavour to learning, Safa has proven to be an extraordinary addition to the Council and has gone above and beyond to participate in every event and activity despite being a virtual team member. Time and time again she has proven herself by offering her help and assisting her fellow Council members. Safa is an honourable example of what a student should strive to be. Despite her health issues, she preserved and was always eager and enthusiastic.

Student Governor – Janvie (Joy) Miah

Joy has been an outstanding student governor. Her commitment and enthusiasm are boundless and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow in confidence.

Extended Project – Tori Barrett

Tori was an exemplary Extended Project student, who has produced a body of work that will inspire students well into the future. Her effort and determination were at a level that was truly remarkable.

Exceptional Progress – Georgia Doherty (left)

Georgia has demonstrated resilience and not giving up no matter how difficult things seemed. It has been a pleasure to see you grow in confidence and crack the revision enigma code! Wishing you all the best for the future – keep that determination and you will be successful in all you do.

Exceptional Progress – Maria Ahmed (right)

Maria has demonstrated exceptional determination and willingness to succeed no matter what. A true inspiration to all who met her, Maria put 100% effort into her studies and into accessing the wider College experience, always with a huge smile on her face. Wishing you all the best for the future, you will definitely go far!

Basketball – Faaris Mughal (left)

Captain of the College team, Faaris has led the team with distinction. He has developed into a very capable player, being able to light any court up with his highly effective three-point shot. With his high level of personal performance, he has done a great job of inspiring his teammates to a greater level of effectiveness. His dedication is exceptional and if he maintains his application to the task, he will fulfil his dream of reaching the professional levels of the sport.

Football – Jude Hudson (right)

Jude has represented the College 1st team even though he is a Year 12 student. He also captained the 2nd team for the last few games of the season. He is very committed, hardworking and reliable.

Netball – Niamh Harrington (left)

Niamh has shown dedication over this year and has been an inspiration and role model to other students in her playing position as Goal Attack (GA). She was able to raise her game when the pressure was on and produced performances that demonstrated tremendous ability. Coaches from other colleges always mentioned the level of dynamic play that Niamh displayed and the positive impact this had on our team performance overall.

Rugby – Jack Mansfield

Jack has been a committed trainer. He was asked to play out of position all season, which he did without hesitation. He always showed a great attitude, and in the games against other teams he was one of our best tacklers and won most of our ruck turnovers, which is uncommon for a scrum half. He is very deserving of this award.

Staff Award:

College Legend – Maxine White

Maxine has had a hugely positive impact on the many students she has taught during 28 years of magnificent service to the College. She has also been a brilliant colleague and though we will miss her, we wish her a long and happy retirement. Thank you Maxine.