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You have chosen to join a community focused on learning and development which is built on high achievement and ambition. Everyone in this community, including staff, students and parents, is committed to you doing as well as possible so that you can access fantastic opportunities after you finish at College. This might be an exciting university place, a fantastic job with high-flying prospects, or an apprenticeship with top quality training. Whatever you want to do, you will need to adopt the College ethos which is characterised by the three key words in our mission statement.

“Our College is for people who ASPIRE, INVEST & RESPECT.”

• We ASPIRE to be outstanding: academically, professionally and personally. All students should aim high and be ambitious for an exciting future. It doesn’t matter what background you come from you should aim to stretch yourself and reach your full potential. Students at the College regularly secure some of the most competitive places going as their next step, and you can write your own success story whatever you are aiming for.

• To do this, you will need to INVEST in hard work and dedication. Ambition on its own will not secure success, you will need to commit yourself to study and to making the most of the other wider opportunities the College offers. Employers and universities are interested in you as a whole person, not just as a set of exam results, so make sure that your efforts embrace opportunities to develop wider skills through our enrichment, employability and personal development offer.

• All of this is delivered in a College with a fantastic atmosphere where everyone helps and supports each other, and our whole community works together. It is a clear expectation that we all RESPECT each other.

There is no room here for prejudice, unfairness or bullying. It is not enough to be passive about fairness and equality, we expect everyone to be an active agent for creating the kind of society we all want to live in.

The College is where you take control of your future. We are all looking forward to working with you, so get ready for a fantastic couple of years that should really set you up for the rest of your life.


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