Admissions FAQ

Applying for a place at Solihull Sixth Form College in September 2021? We have produced a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help you apply.

How do I apply?
Visit the Step-by-Step page to see and simple step-by-step guide to applying. You will be asked to create an account on Tyber, which is the website we use for the applications. You will use Tyber to check the status of your application and you will use it again in August to book an enrolment appointment. When you register for Tyber, you will be asked to provide an email address. Login details will be sent to this email address, so make sure you type the email address carefully. After you have successfully created your account you can login to complete your application.

Your email address should be appropriate and professional. Something like will not create a good impression.  Use a regularly used email address for your contact details so you can be confident you receive communications. You must also provide full details for at least one parent/guardian along with their phone number(s) and email address.

Is there a deadline for applications?
Yes. The application deadline is 31 March.

How do I make my application stand out?
Firstly, make sure you fully complete the application. Contact details for you and a parent/guardian are essential – this includes contact numbers and email addresses. When you add your qualifications, take your time to make sure you are choosing the correct one. For example, GCSE Double for Combined Science. If you are studying a BTEC or OCR National qualification, make sure you select the correct qualification type i.e. BTEC First Award. If you are unsure, check with your teacher.

There are two parts to the application form where you need to write about yourself. Use full sentences for these sections and check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. You can read more here.

How many subjects can I apply for?
We offer a wide range of Level 3 courses, with A Level, BTEC and Technical Level 3 courses. We have four main programme options:

  • 3 A Level Programme
  • 4 A Level Programme
  • BTEC National Diploma (equivalent in size to two A Levels) plus one A Level/A Level Equivalent
  • BTEC National Extended Diploma or CACHE Diploma (both equivalent in size to three A Levels)

Before you send us your application, research the different course and programme options. Our programme options have different entry requirements. You can check these on our Courses page on the website.

You should only apply for the courses you wish to study so do your research carefully.

How long will it take to process my application?
Our aim is to send email confirmation that we have received your application within two weeks of your submission. We are currently experiencing very high levels of enquiries, so if there is a delay please bear with us as we work through new applications as quickly as we can. Please note the initial email you receive from us will not include an invitation to interview.

Will I have an interview?
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be conducting face to face interviews. The information you provide in your application will be used to determine whether or not we will make you a conditional offer of a place to study with us. You must therefore complete your application accurately and with as much detail as possible to show yourself at your best. A member of staff will review your application and if the information you have supplied indicates you are likely to meet our entry criteria, we will send you a conditional offer by email. We can only do this if you have supplied sufficient information in your application, so please take care to ensure we have all predicted or achieved grades and accurate personal information.

If information is missing, the Admissions Office will contact you to ask for clarification and this may be followed up with a phone call. Please make sure that you are available to take a call from us if we advise you of a date and time when will contact you. We will use the contact details you provide on your application.

Since submitting my application, I have changed my mind about what I would like to study. What do I do?
Email the Admissions Office including your name, date of the birth, student number (starting S21xxxx) and details of what you applied for and what you want to change to. You must also include a reason why you are requesting this change.

My friend has already had an offer but I have not. Am I being disadvantaged?
Not at all. It does not matter when you receive your offer. Students who receive an offer in January and those who receive one in April/May are in exactly the same position. If you get an offer from us – regardless of when the offer was made – you will get your place provided you get the grades needed to meet the entry requirements for your chosen programme of study.

What do I need to do to get my reference to you?
Nothing! We will contact your school to get a reference on your behalf, so you don’t need to chase this. We might ask you to provide your mock exam grades to help us when we advise you on what the best programme of study is. Please keep checking your email to see if you get any emails from the Admissions Office about this or anything else related to your application.

If I get an offer, am I guaranteed a place with you?
All our offer letters state that the offer of a place is conditional on you getting the grades necessary to study with us and a suitable reference from your current school. It is important that you focus on getting the best possible GCSE grades at school, so that you can start here with confidence and enthusiasm.

I’ve already got an offer but I want to change my courses. How do I do this?
If you want to request a change to your offer you should email the Admissions Office and make sure you include your name, date of the birth, student number (starting S21xxxx) and details of what your current offer is for and what you want to change to. We strongly advise that you fully research the alternative course before contacting us to ensure that you are making the right decision. Full details of our courses are available here. Please note our current primary focus is processing new applications therefore you will not get an immediate response to a subject change request. Please do not worry about this; we will deal with your request in due course.

I need a Grade 6 in Maths to do my subjects, what if I don’t get it? (or any other subject specific criteria)
If you do not meet the subject specific entry criteria, but do meet our general core entry criteria then you will still have a place with us, but we will have to consider new subject(s) dependent on your grades and spaces on alternative courses.

How do I get a free bus pass? How do I apply for the bursary/free meals?
Information on Bursary, Free Meals and 16-18 photocards is available in the Enrolment Guide for new students which will be sent to all students holding an offer in the summer.

Updated 13 November 2020