Student Testimony - 2010-11

"The quality of teaching and the approachability of my subject teachers put me at ease and made the whole learning experience a lot more enjoyable. The quality and abundance of resources helped me to remain committed to my studies and encouraged me to study independently. From the first weeks of starting at the College I was surprised and impressed by the range of extra resources available for me to take advantage of, particularly in the language department; from the support and expertise of the teachers to working in the language labs and guided study activities like ‘news review’."

Eve Faulder

"What I've enjoyed most about College is all of the people I have met and the areas covered in the duration of the subjects. Topics such as crime and deviance in Sociology and political ideology in Politics have been extremely interesting and I am very much looking forward to studying them in more depth at university. The availability of resources, such as text books and computers, and the positive relationship between teacher and student has also helped me a lot."

Fiona Woolston

"I've really enjoyed it at the College, especially as I have met so many new people and I really enjoyed playing for the Basketball Academy. Academically, the support offered my teachers made my subjects much more understandable and enjoyable."

James Jarema

"The College has a really relaxed atmosphere, which I have enjoyed. The need for more independent study is closer to what you'd expect at university; however if help is needed workshops are available."

Josh Salthouse

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