Parent Bulletin

Keep up to date with what’s going on at the College. This Bulletin will be regularly updated with key dates and information we think parents need to know.

12/10/17: Year 13 students will be having Group Coaching seminars next week to help them with their Next Steps. This may include writing Personal Statements for UCAS applications, applying for jobs and apprenticeships and CV writing. Students should check their timetable on Tyber for the room, date and time of their seminar.

05/10/17: We want to hear what students think. To this end we have Student Conferences at various points throughout the year, encourage students to become Subject Ambassadors and we have a Student Council. Year 12 students who are interested in being part of the Student Council Executive can find out more about the opportunities available by attending an information event on Thursday 12 October. Encourage your sons and daughter to get involved.

04/10/17: Lessons finish early on Friday, as staff prepare for Saturday’s Open Day. Year 12 lessons finish at 1.35pm and Year 13 lessons finish at 2.30pm. All students should be off site from 2.30pm please.

27/09/17: Briefings for parents of new Year 12 students are taking place this week. It is a chance for parents to hear from senior management and meet academic coaches. Those that attend will also get a copy of the Handbook for Parents, which is also available to download for those who can’t make the briefings.

21/09/17: Year 13 Group Coaching seminars take place in the week commencing 25 September. Students should check their timetables to the the day, time and room they need to attend as this seminar is compulsory. The topic is Next Steps with advice for those seeking both employment and High Education. This will include help with CVs for the former group and advice on their Personal Statements and UCAS applications for the latter group. the College deadline for getting UCAS applications complete is Monday 13 November, so Year 13 students need to be getting on with this now.

13/09/17: Year 12 Academic Coaching seminars start next week. During the week starting 18 September, these seminars will focus on Promoting Resilience and Preventing Vulnerabilities. Student should check their timetables on Tyber to see which date, time and room their particular seminar takes place. It is compulsory that all students attend.

11/09/17: As term starts, all students and parents should be aware that the College takes attendance and punctuality very seriously. Any student who arrives after the start of the lesson will be marked as late. Anyone who is more than 15 minutes late will be marked as very late. Repeated issues with non-attendance and lateness will lead to a commitment interview, which is designed to get a student back on track and committed to his/her studies. Unavoidable absences must be reported in the proper way (either via Tyber or by calling the Absence line on 0121 709 7808).

07/09/17: Timetables will be published on Tyber on Sunday at 6.00pm. All students are requested to login to check they know the time and room of their first lesson, with Year 12 lessons starting on Monday and Year 13 lessons resuming on Tuesday.


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