The College provides a wide range of course provision, with some subjects available at A Level that other smaller schools and colleges would not be able to provide.

As well as A Levels, we offer a small number of BTEC Extended Diploma courses and the first thing you need to do is decide what type of qualification is for you!

You have choices! Your choice is three A Level subjects or one BTEC Extended Diploma course. You cannot study a mixture of A Levels and BTECs, because our BTEC courses are equivalent to studying three A Levels on their own.

Our most able and ambitious of students (usually with at least five A/A* grades at GCSE) may wish to study four subjects at A Level.  This will often include students who choose to study A Level Mathematics with Further Maths. Students must commit to four subjects for the full two years.

Learn more about these different qualifications, as well as the significant changes that are taking place in education nationwide by reading our A levels Explained and Applied Courses Explained pages. You may find our Curriculum FAQ useful to answer any questions you may have about changes to courses taking place nationwide from 2015.

Specific information on what is taught in each of our courses is available via our course pages. If you want to see more detail, including case studies, exam results and the names of teachers on each course, simply click the download PDF link on each subject page of this website.

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