The College provides a wide range of course provision, with some subjects available at A Level that other smaller schools and colleges would not be able to provide.

If you want to pursue an A Level programme – as the majority of our students do - we will ask you to select four subjects to study together. Normally you will drop one of these subjects following your first year and continue with three subjects to A2 Level.

Because of the way our timetable is designed, almost any combination of these subjects can be studied together.

As well as A Levels, we also offer a range of applied courses.

What is the difference? Well, applied courses offer a slightly different way of learning. If you prefer to be assessed by way of coursework, rather than examinations these might be the better option for you.

If you choose to study an applied course (a BTEC Extended Diploma, equivalent to studying three A Levels) – you might also study one other qualification along side it to complement your learning. This can be discussed at interview.

Specific information on what is involved in each of our courses is available via our course pages. If you want to see more detail, including case studies, exam results and the names of teachers on each course, simply click the download PDF link on each subject page of this website.

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