We are now accepting applications for a September 2017 start. The applications deadline was 31 March 2017. Those who applied before this date and look likely to meet our entry requirements should be interviewed by 5 May 2017 (unless they are unable to attend on the date given to them). These students will be enrolled during the main enrolment period – 29 August – 1 September 2017, but this information will be communicated to students through a letter sent in July.

Students who apply after 31 March and before 2 June 2017, will be treated as late applicants. We aim to interview these applicants before the end of the academic year in July 2017 and they will be enrolled during the main enrolment period – 29 August – 1 September 2017.

Students who apply after 2 June 2017 will be treated as very late applicants. These applications will be held on a waiting list for processing and possible interview during enrolment on 1 September 2017.

Got Questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions Guide!

There is lots more useful information below, including this video about how A levels are changing – see what Principal Paul Ashdown has to say about how The Sixth Form College, Solihull is approaching these changes.


We advise students to attend an open day before they make an application and to read our course information so that they can ensure they are applying for the courses that are right for them. With this in mind, the following links may be useful:

Course Information

Prospectus for 2017 entry

Entry Requirements

Changes to A levels

Open Days

When we get your application, if it looks like you will meet our entry requirements, we will invite you into College for an interview. Don’t worry about the interview – it’s nothing to be scared of. To help you prepare for it, read our Interview Guidance leaflet.

For those students from outside the UK, we have a Guide to Applying for Overseas Students.

All our courses are offered subject to there being sufficient numbers of applications for financial and educational viability. This cannot be confirmed prior to enrolment in August/September. When courses are over-subscribed, priority will be given to applicants from our partner schools (Cockshut Hill, Hall Green, Langley, Light Hall, Lode Heath, Lyndon, Ninestiles and Yardleys Schools), then to applicants who live within the Borough of Solihull.


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Not sure what to study or want to know more about a particular course? Use your course finder to help you decide what is best for you.

Case Studies

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